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Ray Wells[1] (Principal),


Prescott Family[1] (owners)


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Jeremiah Blackwell


1910[note 1]

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Blackwell Academy[1] is a private school for high school seniors located in Arcadia Bay, Oregon.



Prior to the colonization of Arcadia Bay, Blackwell Academy was founded on land belonging to an unspecified Native American community.[note 2] Following the arrival of settlers the land was then "shared" with the colonizers. The academy was established proper in 1910 by Jeremiah Blackwell, the private school's namesake.[1]


At some point in time the Prescott Family, one of the oldest families in Arcadia Bay, purchased Blackwell Academy and the surrounding land. Blackwell survives on the funding provided by the Prescott and as such, Blackwell's principal, Ray Wells and the faculty at large give Nathan Prescott special treatment and attempt not to anger him in fear of jeopardizing the school's financial security.[1]


Blackwell Academy's method and subjects of general education unlike the standard high school. Faculty teach a range of subjects from science, mathematics, literature, history and photography. Additionally, the school faculty and student body attempt to promote healthy living and school-orientated activities. Physical education, such as Blackwell's football team, the Bigfoots and their swimming team, the Otters, is also present within the academy.[1]


Blackwell Academy is home to a diverse group of students as well as school faculty from its teachers to janitorial staff.




Blackwell Map

A map of Blackwell Academy in David Madsen's basement.

Blackwell Academy's property appears predominantly split into two sections; the main campus, wherein the educational portions of the school itself are held. Across from the main building, on the right appears to be a smaller building that houses the swimming team or general physical education.[1]

Across from either, the campus's traffic is split by a semi-circular path that begins with the fountain-statue dedication to the founder of Blackwell. To the left of the main building is the Prescott Dormitory, the lodging for the student body, the dormitories themselves apparently separated on the basis of gender (male and female). Beyond the grounds of the dormitory lay the Blackwell Academy Parking Lot, which serves students who live on and off-campus.[1]

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  1. The banner seen hanging over the map at the beginning of Max's dream at the lighthouse
  2. The player must speak with Michelle Grant to learn about Blackwell's founding


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