Remember me channel fear 02

Advertisement for Kid XMas' Channel Fear

""X-Mas Murder". It's a compilation of my best arrests uncensored! With "X-Mas Murder" you get the best of X-Mas all year round!"
Ulf Hansen[1][2]

Channel Fear is a hacking channel run by Kid X-Mas. Channel Fear airs every day at 9:00PM in Neo-Paris[3].


After Kid XMas abandons the Memory hunters, XMas begins to advertise himself to the public as hunter of the Errorists. Using Channel Fear, he publicly fights and arrests both Memory Hunters and Errorists in a simulated fighting arena projected by customized Surveillance Drones[1]. With them, streams his battles to the populace who watch his chanel. He also advertises a compilation set entitled XMas Murder, a series of what he considers his "best arrests".[1]


According to the developers, Channel Fear was meant to reflect the aesthetic of modern television channels such as Current TV[4] sports advertisement.