Cristina Popa
Biographical Information
Species Human
Name Cristina Popa
Real Name
Full Name
Known Aliases
Cause of Death Killed by Jonathan Reid (determinant)
Family Unnamed brother
Citizenship Romanian (formerly)
Physical Description
Blood Quality 4000XP
Will 4
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette
Career Information
Occupation(s) Prostitute
Allies Clayton Darby (attached)
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance VAMPYR
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

Cristina Popa is a human citizen of Whitechapel. She is a Romanian immigrant and works as a prostitute to support herself.


Early Life

Cristina Popa was born in Romania, and has at least one brother. She fled Romania to escape the war, leaving her brother behind, and settled in Whitechapel. She was looked down upon because of her status as a migrant, and so had few options for employment besides prostitution.

Events of Vampyr

Despite the health risk of the epidemic, Cristina continues her work as a prostitute, searching for clients in Whitechapel at night. She is motivated to earn money to finance her brother's travel to England.

Cristina became acquainted with Clayton Darby, a journalist who was investigating the situation in Whitechapel; he offered his hotel room to her, so that she could take a night off and rest, as well as interview her for his paper. However, they still slept together, and Cristina stole Clayton's wallet and watch, still trying to save money to help her brother come to England.



  • Hint #1: Cristina could not find any decent job because she was a migrant. (+300 XP)
    • Conversation path: "Personal Questions" > "Tell me about yourself."
  • Hint #2: Cristina is suspected by Clayton Darby to have stolen his wallet. (+600 XP)
    • When Clayton goes through a locked gate, teleport up to a nearby balcony and wait for Cristina to enter the gate, and eavesdrop on their argument.
  • Hint #3: Cristina and Clayton Darby are fond of each other. (+800 XP)
    • Complete the investigation A Cherished Souvenir by bringing Cristina's scarf to Clayton to learn the hint. (If the scarf is given to Cristina instead, the hint will be lost).
  • Hint #4: Cristina saves money to finance her brother's travel to England. (+300 XP)
    • Obtainable after eavesdropping on Clayton and Cristina. 
    • Conversation path: "Personal Questions" > "Did you steal Clayton Darby's wallet?" >
      • Hint learned – "Perhaps Clayton is different?" 
      • Hint lost – "You stole from him!" or "Money and passion rarely mingle well... " 


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