Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep2 Hand Holding
Life Is Strange (video game)
Airdates March 24, 2015[1]
Writers Christian Divine
Director Michel Koch,
Raoul Barbet
Objectives Take a shower,
Return Kate's book,
Meet Chloe at Two Whales Diner,
Return to school
Locations Prescott Dormitory,
Two Whales Diner,
Blackwell Academy
Previous "Chrysalis"
Next "Chaos Theory"
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"Episode 2: Out Of Time" is the second episode of Life Is Strange. The episode was released March 24, 2015 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.[1]


While Max must convince a skeptical Chloe that she can time travel, she begins to experience sporadic loss of her power. Meanwhile, Kate Marsh deals with the public humiliation from the student body of Blackwell after viral video of her intoxicated at a Vortex Club party is leaked onto the internet.


Max has spent most of the night researching quantum physics in search of answers for her time traveling ability. Turning off her alarm clock, she heads for the bathroom in the Girls Dormitory. Inside the bathroom, she encounters a weary Kate Marsh, who depending on the players actions in the previous episode, will greet Max or accuse her not standing up for her when she was being harassed by David Madsen. Kate asks if Max still has a copy of her book, The October Country. When Max answers in the affirmative, Kate asks to have it back for class notes.

While she is taking a shower, Max overhears Victoria Chase and Taylor Christensen bothering Kate about a “viral video” she was in. Kate says the girl on the video isn’t her. However, Victoria presses the issue, mockingly complementing her for a setting a “tongue record” on camera. Upset, Kate tells Victoria and Taylor that they’ll be sorry someday and leaves the bathroom. Unaware of Max’s presence in the shower, Victoria and Taylor continue to make disparaging comments about Kate, assured that Nathan Prescott gave Kate “the good shit” which resulted in her behavior caught on tape. Victoria leaves a link to Kate’s video on the mirror in the girls’ bathroom, hoping to humiliate her even more.

After they leave, Max gets dressed in the shower and steps out. Possibly wiping the message off the mirror, Max heads for dorm room. Max's whiteboard may be vandalized; the message “nobody messes with me bitch” may be written across her photograph collage on the wall and a photoshopped image of her head superimposed on a platter next to a slab of meat left on her bed; her mirror may be vandalized with the message “filthy artist dirty whore” and her room in a complete state of disarray; or Max's room may be left untouched. Frustrated, Max tries to clean up her room and search for Kate’s book. When she finds The October Country Max heads for Kate’s room.

Before she enters the room, she receives a text message from a private number. The anonymous message, which Max suspects is from Nathan, warns her to keep her mouth shut “about everything” and that they know where she sleeps. Unsettled, she enters Kate’s room. Kate will ask Max why she stood up for her or demand to know why Max didn’t defend her against David Madsen, who accused her of being a member of the Vortex Club. Following her explanation, Max asks what happened on the video. Kate confessed that she went to one Vortex Club party and “made out with a bunch of people,” but has no memory of it.

When Max asks how Kate ended up in that situation, Kate tells her it was “a long story” she was still trying to figure out. Kate swears she had only had “one sip” of red wine and drank water for the rest of the party. She remembers getting “sick and dizzy,” followed by Nathan Prescott offering to take her to the hospital. She assumed the room she was taken to was a hospital until she heard Nathan and another person speaking. Afterwards, she woke up in the hall outside of her dorm room. Kate speculates that Victoria was responsible for recording the video because she’d been present during her intoxication.

When Max promises to help Kate figure out what happened, Kate decides she needs to find out if Nathan Prescott was responsible for what happened to her. Kate asks if she should go the police. Max will either encourage Kate to contact the police or discourage her, as the burden of proof would fall on Kate.

Leaving the dormitory, Max heads for the school bus to meet Chloe in town at the Two Whales Diner. Before she leaves campus grounds she runs into Warren Graham, who was waiting for her outside the dorm. The two talk about the events of yesterday, Max thanking Warren for stepping in and helping her with Nathan. Warren invites her to see a screening of Planet of the Apes at a movie drive-in. Max may or may not accept the invitation before she heads for the central campus grounds.

Before she leaves campus she spots David Madsen speaking with Nathan Prescott, and she suspects the discussion has something to do with Kate Marsh or Rachel Amber. Boarding the bus, she is taken into the city and dropped off at the diner. Prior to entering the diner, Max can interact with the populace around the diner and learn about how the Prescott’s involvement with the town has changed it for the worse.

Entering the diner, she takes a moment to get reacquainted with Joyce Price. The two discuss the passing of her husband, William Price and how much Chloe has changed since her remarriage to David Madsen. Joyce is of the mind that the side of David that she saw with Chloe isn’t how David really is and hopes Max gets to know him on her terms. When Chloe arrives at the diner, she asks Max to prove that she can really time travel. In her first attempt, Max guesses what’s in Chloe’s pockets (a keychain, a pack of cigarettes, spare change, and a parking ticket) and uses her rewind ability to properly account for her items after studying them.

In her second attempt she watches a short period of events in the diner (a man knocking over his coffee up, Trevor and Justin fighting, the policemen being left behind by his partner, a cockroach crawling across the jukebox before it begins to glitch) before rewinding time and recounting the events as she saw them to Chloe. Convinced, an excited Chloe decides it would be a good idea to further test Max’s power by doing whatever they want to. Max experiences a nosebleed but brushes it off as nothing. Before they leave the diner, Max receives a call from Kate Marsh. Max will either answer the call or ignore it and head out with Chloe.

At the junkyard, Chloe decides that she should practice on her shooting skills with David’s gun and asks Max to go hunting for bottles. During her search, Max finds small traces of Rachel around the junkyard inside a room (CDs, graffiti, Rachel's letter to Chloe and photographs). As she gathers up bottles, Max encounters the doe from her “vision” again and attempts to take a picture of it. After Max retrieves of all the bottles, Chloe practices her aim with Max’s help. After a few traditional shots, Chloe asks Max to help her with "ubercool trick shot[s]". One of attempt to hit the car has Chloe accidentally shooting herself in the chest and forces Max to rewind to save her.

After they’re done, Max suffers another nosebleed and blacks out while experiencing a fragmented vision of the tornado. When she comes to, neither Max nor Chloe are sure what to make of the incident. Before they can move on, a “friend” of Chloe’s, Frank Bowers, appears with the reminder that Chloe owes him money. During their encounter, Chloe recognizes a blue bracelet on Frank’s wrist as Rachel’s and demands to know where he got it from. Frank tells her it’s from a friend, but Chloe insists otherwise. When she tries to take the bracelet from him he threatens her with a switchblade, provoking Max to use the gun she hid behind her back when he appeared. Frank taunts her, not thinking she’ll shoot. Max will either attempt to shoot Frank or inadvertently surrender the weapon to him.

After their encounter with Frank, Chloe and Max leave the junkyard and follow the train tracks. During that time, Chloe explains how she knew Frank and that she planned on skipping town without paying him. Max gets up from laying on the tracks next to Chloe to take a picture, only to experience another headache and vision of the storm. The vision appears to be interrupted by Chloe’s shouts. Chloe’s shoe is stuck in the track switching mechanism and she is unable to free herself.

When the two hear the train coming, Max works to free her friend from the tracks before the train arrives. When she succeeds, Chloe thanks her and returns her to Blackwell. Before Max goes inside, Chloe speculates that the storm and Max’s powers are connected, and a likely product of Chaos Theory. Though Max is hesitant to believe her on account of her lack of remarkability, she concedes to Chloe's belief. Inside the school Max speaks with David Madsen about how he reacted towards Kate Marsh and Chloe. Though he apologizes for his actions, Max remains suspicious. After meeting with Warren in the science lab, Max catches Kate retreating from Mark Jefferson in tears. Speaking with Mr. Jefferson, the two discuss the viral video being circulated. Mr. Jefferson is dubious that Kate is completely free of responsibility concerning the release of the video and assumes she brought the situation upon herself.

Inside the art classroom, Max encounters Nathan and Victoria. The two them are sitting on Max’s desk and make fun of her. Warren comes in and talks to Max for a moment before class begins. When Jefferson inquires about the whereabouts of Kate, Victoria makes a joke about the viral video. Jefferson decides to address the situation, reprimanding the students who participate in making fun of Kate. During his lecture on Chiaroscuro, Zachary appears and tells everyone “crazy shit” is happening at the Girls’ Dormitory. Mr. Jefferson’s students leave despite his reprimand of Zachary and his order to remain seated. When Max arrives to the dormitory she realizes that the girl on the roof of the Girls' Dormitory is Kate. When Kate jumps from the rooftop, Max tries to rewind time, but experiences another sporadic loss of her abilities. When she tries again, time appears to freeze right before Kate jumps.

Max struggles to reach the top of the roof as she experiences another nosebleed. When she reaches the top, time unfreezes and Kate realizes Max is behind her. As Max is unable to rewind time, Max’s conversation with Kate decides whether or not she commits suicide. The aftermath of the situation has Max, Nathan, Jefferson and David meeting in Principal Ray Wells office to discuss the consequences that led Kate to the rooftop. Max has the choice to either blame Nathan, David or Jefferson as the cause and signs a statement confirming her confessions.

At the end of the day, Max and Warren discuss the aftermath of the rooftop incident with Kate as an unexpected eclipse occurs. The episode closes on a montage revealing the whereabouts of the main characters: Joyce appears to comfort David following the incident in Well's office; Principal Wells argues with Mr. Jefferson through Jefferson's car window; Nathan approaches Victoria in Victoria's room; Frank watches the eclipse with his dog; Kate is hospitalized if the player was able to save her, or memorialized at Blackwell if she committed suicide; and Chloe observes the sunset as she checks messages sent to her by Max. The episode ends with another shot of the room with red binders from the previous episode and the camera pans to focus on Kate’s photograph next to a binder with Kate's name on it.


In-Game Decisions

Major Choices

Go to the Police
TX MajChoice E2 1A Kate
  • You told Kate to go the Police - 33%
  • You told Kate to wait for more proof - 67%
Kate's Call
TX MajChoice E2 2A Phone
  • You answered Kate's call - 76%
  • You didn't answer Kate's call - 24%
Shoot Frank
TX MajChoice E2 3A Gun
  • You tried to shoot Frank - 59%
  • You didn't try to shoot Frank - 41%
Saving Kate
TX MajChoice E2 4C Kate
  • You couldn't save Kate - 39%
  • You saved Kate's life - 61%
Who to Blame
TX MajChoice E2 5A Denounce
  • You blamed David - 13%
  • You blamed Nathan - 80%
  • You blamed Jefferson - 7%

Minor Choices

Max's Plant
TX MinChoice E2 1A Plant
  • You watered your plant - 85%
  • You didn't water your plant - 15%
TX MinChoice E2 1A Alyssa
  • You helped Alyssa - 61%
  • You didn't help Alyssa - 39%
"Kate's Video"
TX MinChoice E2 1A KateLink
  • You erased the link to Kate's video - 94%
  • You left the link to Kate's video - 6%
TX MinChoice E2 1B Taylor
  • You were friendly with Taylor - 51%
  • You weren't friendly with Taylor - 49%
Warren's Invite
TX MinChoice E2 1B WarrenApe
  • You accepted Warren's invitation - 75%
  • You rejected Warren's invention - 25%
The Junkyard
TX MinChoice E2 3A WasHere
  • You wrote a message - 58%
  • You didn't write a message - 42%
Train Tracks
TX MinChoice E2 3B Tampered
  • You tampered with the railtracks - 30%
  • You didn't tamper with the railtracks - 70%
The Vortex Club
TX MinChoice E2 4B Courtney
  • You gained entry to the Vortex Club - 54%
  • You didn't gain entry to the Vortex Club - 46%
Help Warren
TX MinChoice E2 4B Warren
  • You helped Warren - 38%
  • You didn't help Warren - 62%
Mr. Jefferson
TX MinChoice E2 4B Jefferson
  • You told on David to Mr. Jefferson - 87%
  • You didn't tell on David to Mr. Jefferson - 13%


Featured Music

Licensed Tracks

# Title Composer Length
1 "Something Good"[note 1] Alt-J 2:59
2 "Crosses"[note 2] José González 2:43
3 "Mt. Washington"[note 3] Local Natives 3:20

Demo Tracks

# Title Composer Length
1 "All Eyes On Me"[note 4] William Davies, Edward Nutbrown, and Charles Nutbrown 3:13
2 "Naughty"[note 5] William Davies, Edward Nutbrown, Charles Nutbrown, and Tajh Abdulsamad 3:11
3 "What a Day"[note 6] Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, and Steve Dymond 3:30
4 "Save the World"[note 7] Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, and Steve Dymond 3:10

Leaked Build

Main article: Out of Time (Leaked Build)

Patch Notes

As of May 18, 2015 the following patches have been made and included for the Steam release of Life Is Strange.[2]

  1. Fixed interaction with Kate’s book in Max room that sometimes would not display and trigger properly.
  2. Added clues in Junkyard to signal the way to one bottle that was tough to find, based on community feedback.
  3. Added missing staff to end credits.
  4. Added a missing SMS about the plant – automatically added in Episode03 for those who missed it.

References to other Media

  • When speaking with the Fisherman outside the diner, the name on the table plate reads "R.J. MacReady". R.J. MacReady is the name of the protagonist of John Carpenter's 1982 horror film, The Thing, portrayed by Kurt Russell.
  • In the Two Whales Diner bathroom, there are two television references:
    • On the inside wall of a bathroom stall, "I aim to misbehave" is written. The phrase is a reference to the 2005 film Serenity, a sequel to the cancelled 2002 FOX series Firefly. Both were written and directed by Joss Whedon.[6]
    • On the mirror of the bathroom, the phrase "Fire Walk With Me" is written on the mirror. The phrase is a passage of poem recited by spirit BOB[note 9] and the title of the film Fire Walk With Me, a prequel to the events of Twin Peaks.
  • When Frank Bowers meets Max and Chloe, he refers to them as Thelma and Louise, Bonnie and Clyde and Abbott and Costello.
  • Frank's first name is believed to be a reference to "Frank the Rabbit" in Donnie Darko.[7]
  • Max mentions Jack Kerouac when explaining the attraction of train tracks to Chloe.
  • When the player grabs the pliers to cut the wires in the fuse box near the train tracks, Max declares she can "pull a Macgyver". MacGyver was 1985-1992 series centered around the titular character, Angus MacGyver, who could use everyday appliances and duct tape in unorthodox ways to escape perilous situations.
  • At Blackwell Academy, Max is given two nicknames:
    • Evan refers to Max as "Maxwell Smart" before telling they'll speak later. Maxwell Smart was a character in the 1965-1970s sitcom, Get Smart that ran on NBC and later CBS.
    • Warren calls Max "Maxwell Silver Hammer" in the science class. "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is the name of a single performed by The Beatles.
  • Inspecting the beakers on the counter in the science lab, Max was will say, "Bring me the brain, Igor!" Igor is a "stock character" for horror films of the 1930s, inspired the assistant from the first Frankenstein film.
  • In the two instances Warren's science experiment fails the with use of potassium or sodium, Warren makes two references:
  • When Warren's experiment succeeds, he call Max "the next Werner Heisenberg".


  • May 6, 2015, the official Life Is Strange twitter announced updates for PlayStation and PC were made for Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3.[8][9][10]
  • March 31, 2015, YouTube user, Geekremix posted a video claiming that if the player entered the maintenance room outside the girls' dormitory and aimed the camera directly behind Max during a rewind, the silhouette of the TARDIS from Dr. Who would appear superimposed over the totem pole Tobanga. The user later admitted it the video was an April Fools Joke after players failed to debunk it.[note 10][11]
  • Following the release of "Out of Time", DONTNOD Entertainment provided sources to international help hotlines to players who may be experiencing bullying, harassment or suicidal thoughts. The link is here.[12]
  • The website link, "" is an actual link that leads to a blog with single post and a video that was "removed" by YouTube.[13]
  • Music featured in the launch trailer for episode two was "Hold On Hope" by Dan Gautreau and Wolfgang Black.[14]
  • In Dana's room, When Max sees roller blades in the corner, she mentions she wanted to be a Derby Girl. Derby Girls, however, wear roller skates, not in-line skates.
  • When Max gets dressed she mentions Einstein wore an identical suit every day of the week. This is an indirect reference to the fact that characters in the game are modeled with or maintain the same outfits with different skins.
  • During April's Fool, the Square Enix blog advertised a Lisa plant as official Life Is Strange merchandise.[15]
  • February 6, 2015, it was announced on Steam that early builds of Episode 2, and possibly the last three episodes, were leaked online (presumably by 4chan users).[16]
  • February 26, 2015, gaming website Destructoid reported that "Out of Time" had been delayed on the assumption that the episodes were to be released exactly six weeks apart from each other.[17] However, DONTNOD Entertainment reported the episode was on still schedule and expected to be released near the end of March.[18]
  • March 6, 2015, a hands-on demo of the beginning of the second episode was available during Life Is Strange panel, "What if: An Insiders Look at Life Is Strange", at Pax East.
  • March 14, 2015, DONTNOD Entertainment premiered a fifteen minute look at the second episode's opening at Eurogamer's EGX Rezzed.


The following are a list of achievements and trophies in "Episode 2: Out of Time" that can be earned in the PlayStation and Xbox version of Life Is Strange.

Achievement Trophy/Points
Ep 2 Achivement-01 Field Of View
Take optional photo #1 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-02 Dynamic Range
Take optional photo #7 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-03 Colorized
Take optional photo #2 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-04 Meter Made
Take optional photo #9 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-05 Resolution Revolution
Take optional photo #6 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-06 Pixellated
Take optional photo #4 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-07 Compressed
Take optional photo #5 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-09 Out of Time
Finish Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-08 Full Exposure
Take optional photo #2 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-10 Processor
Take optional photo #3 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-11 Image Stabilizer
Take optional photo #4 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-12 Lab Master
Take all optional photos in Episode 2: Out of Time in Episode 2: Out of Time

Steam Achievements

There are twelve steam achievements the player can get in Life Is Strange.[19]

Achievement %of all players
Ep 2 Achivement-01 Field Of View
Take optional photo #1 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-02 Dynamic Range
Take optional photo #7 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-03 Colorized
Take optional photo #8 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-04 Meter Made
Take optional photo #9 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-05 Resolution Revolution
Take optional photo #10 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-06 Pixellated
Take optional photo #6 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-07 Compressed
Take optional photo #5 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-09 Out of Time
Finish Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-08 Full Exposure
Take optional photo #2 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-10 Processor
Take optional photo #3 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-11 Image Stabilizer
Take optional photo #4 in Episode 2: Out of Time
Ep 2 Achivement-12 Lab Master
Take all optional photos in Episode 2: Out of Time





Episode Gallery

Official Artwork

Concept Art

Episode Reception

Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC/Mac 79.50%[20] 73/100[21]
PlayStation 3 85.00%[22] TBA[23]
PlayStation 4 81.67%[24] 77/100[25]
Xbox 360 Not Available Not Available
Xbox One 68.50%[26] 68[27]


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  2. Max arrives to at the Two Whales Diner on the school bus
  3. Plays during the ending montage of the episode
  4. Briefly played in Victoria's Room when Max first enters the hallway
  5. Played inside Dana's Room before Max takes a shower
  6. Played inside Dana's Room before Max takes a shower
  7. Played inside Dana's Room before Max takes a shower
  8. Kate's Tablet
  9. BOB: "Through the darkness of future past / The magician longs to see / One chance out between two worlds / Fire walk with me" --- Twin Peaks, Season 2, Episode 16: "Arbitrary Law" (December 1, 1990)
  10. Geek Remix: "Oh god everyone. I didn't think it would get this far. I thought by the time I woke up it would be debunked hard. April Fools. I'm sorry."


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