Remember Me Weapons
Force spammer
Force Spammer
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Creator Madame
Weapon Stats
Unlocked Episode 4: Panoptic Icon after defeating Madame in the Ego Room
Game Remember Me (video game)

The Force Spammer is a hacking weapon and upgrade for the Spammer used by Memory hunter Nilin Cartier-Wells.[1]. Nilin acquires the Force Spammer after she defeats Madame[1]


A function of the Hunt Glove utilized by Madame and Nilin Cartier-Wells, the Force Spammer functions as a tractor beam for moving objects around the environment. This module can only be used against movable switches.

Handling the Force Spammer is no different from using the Spammer, with the exception that the player must hold down the button of their chosen gamepad to complete the action. This is key to getting some very large objects out of Nilin's path.