Joe Peterson
Biographical Information
Species Human
Real Name
Full Name
Nicknames Colossus Joe
Known Aliases
Cause of Death Embraced by Jonathan Reid (determinant)
Family Harry Peterson (son)

Jane Peterson (wife, deceased)

Citizenship British
Physical Description
Blood Quality 3000 XP
Will 3
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Career Information
Affiliations Wet Boot Boys
Occupation(s) Gang member


Allies Barrett Lewis (formerly friend and neighbor)
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice Actors Antony Byrne
Motion Capture

"My boy... who'll look after him now? I tried... tried to be a good father."
—Peterson, if he is killed by Jonathan Reid.[1]

Joe Peterson is a human resident of Whitechapel and the father of Harry Peterson. A member of the Wet Boot Boys, Peterson extorts residents who are in financial debt with the gang. Amoral and dull in character, Joe nevertheless attempts to look after his son as best he can during the Spanish Flu epidemic that has quarantined his district.


Life in Whitechapel

After the death of his wife, Joe and his son moved to Whitechapel. Because of his criminal background, Joe was unable to find a reputable job, and as a last resort joined the Wet Boot Boys, a gang from the East End Docks. He operates in Whitechapel as a debt collector and muscle for the gang. Because of his nature as a bully, he and his son Harry have a complicated relation: Joe does what he can to provide for his son, but he can be verbally aggressive towards him as well.



  • Hint #1: Joe's extortions put Barrett Lewis in a tough financial situation. (+450 XP)
    • Obtained by speaking to Barrett Lewis.
      • Conversation path: "Your life in London?" > "How is business?"
  • Hint #2: Joe and Barrett Lewis used to be good friends. (+450 XP)
    • Obtainable after learning Hint #1.
    • Conversation path: "Your life in London?" > "Do you enjoy bullying people?"
  • Hint #3: He has a complicated relation with his son Harry. (+300 XP)
    • Joe occassionally walks into his house and goes upstairs to Harry. Eavesdrop on them near the second floor window to learn the hint.
  • Hint #4: Joe cannot find a legal job because of his criminal reputation. (+300 XP)
    • Find the Job Refusal Letter in the upper level of the Petersons' house to learn the hint.


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