"You have been heard, my son, and your burden will lighten if your words are sincere. Go in peace now, and live your life as she would have wanted."
—Father Joseph to Jonathan Reid.
Joseph Larrabee
Joseph larrabee
Biographical Information
Species Human
Real Name
Full Name Father Joseph Larrabee
Known Aliases
Died 1918 (determinant)
Cause of Death Killed by Jonathan Reid (determinant)
Killed by Mary Reid (determinant)
Citizenship British
Physical Description
Blood Quality 2000 XP
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Grey
Career Information
Affiliations St. Mary's Church
Occupation(s) Vicar of St. Mary's Church
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice Actors Ben Peel
Motion Capture

Father Joseph Larrabee is the vicar of St. Mary's Church in Whitechapel.


Events of Vampyr

During the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918, Father Joseph Larrabee continues to live at St. Mary's Church even after it is closed down by order of the Bishop of London. He also continues to perform funeral services at Stonebridge Cemetery.

Father Joseph leads the service for Mary Reid's funeral, which is attended only by Emelyne Reid and Avery Cork (and Jonathan Reid in secret). Later that night, after the funeral, Dr. Reid knocks on Father Joseph's door to find absolution for Mary's death. Father Joseph listens to Reid's confession, telling him that he has been heard and his burden will lift if his words are sincere. He advises Reid to live his life as his sister would have wanted, then returns indoors.

Later, Dr. Reid meets Father Joseph again, this time in the Stonebridge cemetery where the vicar is cowering on the ground. Father Joseph recognises Reid and, in a horrified tone, asks what he has done. He calls Reid demoniacal terms before Mary Reid appears with her mother by her side. Father Joseph silently witnesses the events that unfold before Mary and Jonathan begin a violent battle, and during the fight, (he can succumbs to one of the vampires). If Jonathan defeats Mary with upgrades weapons he survives and when Jonathan stabs Mary he can be seen in the back looking down at the ground..


Father Joseph is not available to talk with or kill as a citizen, as he does not make any appearances outside of the main story line.

During the battle with Mary Reid, Father Joseph stays where he was in the preceding cutscene. When about one third of her health is depleted, Mary will attack him and drain him of blood, killing him and fully restoring her health. Once she bites Father Joseph, she resists all attacks and cannot be interuppted from killing him. However, Jonathan is also able to kill Father Joseph before Mary does; doing so instantly rewards 2000 XP and prevents Mary from fully regaining her health.

It is very important to note that killing Father Joseph during the battle with Mary counts as an embrace, and so will make the playthrough ineligible for the "Not Even Once" achievement. Even if the fight restarts, that first embrace carries over and the 2000 XP reward is kept.

He can be saved if you have upgrade weapons and guns, shotguns.

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