Leaking Brain
Leaking Brain
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Memory hunters
Memory Junkies

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Headache Tommy

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The Leaking Brain is a bar run by Headache Tommy and located in Deep-Paris' Slum 404.[1]


A little boat beached in a flooded harbor, the Leaking Brain caters to the Memory Junkies and Deep-Paris citizens that habit the surrounding area. The structure of the boat is surrounded by houses and shacks that have been built around it by the inhabitants of Deep-Paris.[1]

Being built on top of a boat allowed the Leaking Brain to flourish a business as it could completely avoid the rising sea levels and constant climate change. The boat was also fashioned into a habitable location for some under Tommy's protection. Despite the handmade and "rustic" appearance, the Leaking Brain and its patron, Headache Tommy, are welcoming and accept all customers without prejudice.[1]



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