Memory hunter
Memory hunter
Nilin steals the memories of Captain Gabriel Trace
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Nilin Cartier-Wells
Ulf Hansen
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Memory Hunters are a group of individuals who hunt or steal the memories of others for sport or to sell the memories for profit.[2].


Memory hunters are considered by law enforcement, such as S.A.B.R.E. Force, as highly dangerous individuals. As a result, the youth disillusioned with the wealth and authority of Neo-Paris often strive to join the ranks of the Memory hunters[3]. Memory hunters hack the minds of their targets using the Senwall, the implant on the neck of Sensen users. Depending on the skill or intention or the hunter, the process can go unnoticed or can be extremely painful for the target.

Among them, Nilin Cartier-Wells, an Errorist, is the only known hunter with the ability to remix the memories of her target and is considered the best of her peers[2]. On top of stealing memories, Memory hunters also duel each other for their memories; one such Memory hunter, Kid XMas, was undefeated in the game of memory dueling[3].