Michel Koch
Michel koch
Origin  ???, France
Profession Illustrator,
Art Director

Michel Koch is a French illustrator and concept artist. He currently works as DONTNOD Entertainment's art director.[1]


Michel Koch began his career as a freelance illustrator. For five years, he worked from July 2004 to January 2010. He worked on book covers, digital color or greyscale illustrations, concept art, story board and character design since 2004. His clients ranged from White Wolf game studio, Alderac, Pocket, Tokkun Studio, AOKI, Fantasy Flight Games, Les Moutons Electriques and grafiksismik.[1]

In October of 2008, he was hired on as a freelance concept artist for DONTNOD Entertainment's first game, Remember Me. In February of 2010, he was hired as their primary art and game director for Remember Me.[1]

At DONTNOD, Koch is responsible for art direction during project developments, from pre-conception to release phases He manages up to thirty five artists as the art team's management, providing reviews and feedback on their work. During the production of Life Is Strange, he became primary art director and co-director of the episodic game.[1]

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