Mourner Profile
Types Leaper[1]
HP 1000
PMP Gain 300
Overload[2] Yes
Pressen Hits[3] 0
Regen Pressen[4] 1.0
Ring Out No
Sensen Fury[5] Yes (20% Damge)
Sensen DOS[6] Yes
Basic Attacks Claw Attack (25% damage),
Special Attacks Buff, Teleportation (35% damage), Summoning
Strengths Leaper control, Invisibility, Camouflage
Affiliation Johnny Greenteeth
Locations Metro, Mnemopolis
Appearances Remember Me, Episode 7: Paradise Lost

"We were monsters, but at least we were free!"
—Greenteeth to Nilin[7]

Mourners are a uncommon Leaper enemy-type encountered in Remember Me.


Main article: Leapers

Mourners are described as the "leader" of the Leaper society, orchestrating their every move whenever they are in their presence. Like Skinners and Stranglers, they can manipulate the Sensen implant to their advantage and use it in battle. Edge describes Mourners as a "new" mutation among the Leapers.[8]


There are three Mourner's encountered by Nilin overall: Johnny Greenteeth[8][7] and the two Mourner's that attack and steal the last of Gabriel Trace's memories in Mnemopolis[9]. Mourner's can take on the appearance of a ordinary human (possibly their appearance before turning into a Leaper) being devoid of any deficiencies gained from abusing the Sensen technology.

They can steal the memories from a deteriorating mind when individual is on their way to becoming a Leaper.[9] Their long and athletic build make them formidable opponents to for Nilin to defeat.

Mourners can teleport from any area within a given environment and become invisible, making them difficult to target when surrounded by the Leapers they can manipulate using the Sensen. When combating Mourners, Sensen DOS, Sensen Fury and Logic Bomb are the strongest Pressen-based attacks that can break their guard, allowing Nilin to beat them using lower attacks.

Notable Mourners


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