Sebastian Quaid
Biographical Information
Name Sebastian Quaid
Real Name
Full Name Dr Sebastian Quaid
Known Aliases The Doctor
Died 2084[1]
Cause of Death Pushed over disposal edge by Johnny Greenteeth
Citizenship French
Physical Description
Blood Type
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown (Balding)
Career Information
Affiliations La Bastille, Memorize
Occupation(s) Doctor of La Bastille(formerly)
Allies Scylla Cartier-Wells (formerly) Madame
Out-of-Universe information
First Appearance Remember Me
Last Appearance Episode 6
Voice Actors
Motion Capture

Sebastian Quaid (??? - 2084[1]) is the head of the medical division at La Bastille Fortress.[2] He once worked alongside Dr. Jonathan Greenteeth before he succumbed to his symptoms of Leaperism.[1] After the capture of Nilin Cartier-Wells[2], Quaid attempts to use the Reconversion Project to create a singular Leaper-hivemind using his consciousness.[1]


Early Life

Few hours before the events of the game, he is responsible for the treatment for David Sedova for his "Leaperism" disease with Olga Sedova helping her husband. He mention the treatment will be expensive but Olga says she will take care of it and hunt Nilin for the money for the treatment.

Events of Remember Me

He is mentioned when after erasing Nilin memory, the doctor is advised by him to clear the remaining memory. He is seen next when he chastised Sgt Vaughn for his abuse on his test subjects and told Madame of his actions in the interrogation block. He is the main antagonist for Episode 6 as he continued the Reconversion Project without Scylla authority and insert his mind to control the Leapers. He is later chased by Nilin and his former colleague, Johnny Greenteeth into an arena. He tries to kill Nilin by dropping her to the trash chute but he plummeted to his death by Johnny.





  • The name "Quaid" may be a reference to the protagonist of Total Recall, Douglas Quaid. Total Recall was also set in 2084 and features a company (Rekall) capable of implanting false memories.


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