Remember Me Weapons
Sensen Camo
Sensen Camo
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Weapon Stats
Damage Instant Kill
Duration 30 Seconds
Cooldown 180 seconds
Control Input PS3 L2 (PS3), Bumper left (360), PC Menu (PC)
Unlocked Episode 6: Rotten Core, in the area where Bad Request's cell is located
Game Remember Me (video game)

Sensen Camo is a specialized Pressen move used by Nilin Cartier-Wells. By manipulating the Sensen implants of those around her, Nilin turns herself invisible to all enemies for up to 30 seconds. Sneaking up behind an enemy whilst camouflaged allows Nilin to use a Memory Overload regardless of the target's remaining health.


During combat, whenever Nilin is faced with the stronger variety of enemies --- such as Elite Enforcers, Skinners and Mourners --- Nilin can use her Sensen implant to activate the Camo that allows her to attack enemies unseen.


This is the same skill that Mourners and Johhny Greenteeth use to become invisible.

A similar skill is used by the character "The Laughing Man" in Ghost in the Shell. By hacking the cyber eyes of everyone within their reach and editing themselves out in real time, the Laughing Man effectively becomes unseen.