Remember Me Weapons
Sensen Rust-In-Pieces
Sensen Rust In Pieces
Wielder Nilin Cartier-Wells
Weapon Stats
Damage 20 (Seraphim),
300 (Nephilim)
Range 300 (Nephilim)
Control Input PS3 L2 (PS3), Bumper left (360), PC Menu (PC)
Unlocked Episode 4: Panoptic Icon, during the battle in the second prison courtyard after defeating a Nephilim
Game Remember Me (video game)

Sensen Rust In Pieces (also known as Sensen RIP) is a specialized Pressen move used by Nilin Cartier-Wells.


Rust in Pieces turns enemy robots against S.A.B.R.E. Force units and trigger its self-destruct mode when enemies are defeated. This helps in battles where the enforcers and robots try to overcome you.

Using it on the Nephilim will cause the robot to create a suction that pulls nearby enemies toward it. The attack will result in significant damage to the surrounding enemies while the Nephilim explodes. Using it on the Seraphim will cause it to shoot at the enemies until the Seraphim explodes.