Syd Matters

The members of Syd Matters.

Syd Matters is a French band fronted by musician Jonathan Morali.[1] At the time of writing, the other band members are Jean-Yves Lozac'h, Olivier Marguerit, Remi Alexandre and Clement Carle. The name Syd Matters comes from the slight modification of the names of two Pink Floyd members: Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. Syd Matters is also the pseudonym of the band's frontman, Jonathan Morali.[1]


Syd Matters's first album, A Whisper and a Sigh, was recorded during the summer of 2002 and late released 2003[2] or June of 2004.[3] In 2003[2] or August 10 of 2015[4], their second album, Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles was released and featured the single of the same name. February 19, 2008, their third album, Ghost Days was released.[5]

Their compilation album, Syd Matters, was released in America on June 16, 2006.[1] It was released under the production label, V2 in North America. On March 16, 2010, Syd Matters released their latest album, Brotherocean.[6]

In Popular Media

Syd Matter's singles, "To All of You" and "Hello Sunshine", the latter covered by Super Furry Animals, were featured in the television series The O.C. in the episodes "The Party Favor" and "The Metamorphosis", respectively. Additionally, "Obstacles" and "To All of You" were featured in DONTNOD Entertainment's second video game, Life Is Strange.[7][8]