• Dear Lily Ford, I come to you to discuss with you how we could approach a restructuring of Fandom and Gamepedia Wikis. You are for sure aware of the fact that the two platforms are now working together and so we have quite some kerfuffle with the duplicate content. Our goal at the moment is to get communities together and to look for opportunities to archive certain wikis and to also migrate communities if possible. Our Gamepedia LiS Wiki already moved successfully to Life is Strange Wiki on Fandom and there is Vampyr featured on Gamepedia (plus a German Wiki on the Fandom side), so the question is, how are your thoughts about a possible rebranding of the Dontnod Entertainment Wiki into "Remember me Wiki" and moving LiS and Vampyr content to their respective Wikis? I know this probably sounds quite "extreme", but with three wikis, each one dedicated exclusively to one game, the players/editors can focus on building the best resource for each, rather than multiple wikis competing on the same topic. Players are also more likely to search for "Remember Me Wiki" when they are looking for game information than "DONTNOD Wiki", meaning all three wikis would likely benefit from this re-focusing. Thank you and best regards! Caroline aka Encredechine

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